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Meeting Planners -- Info on Booking Richard

Planning a meeting or convention can be stressful and time consuming. The scariest part of the job is picking the right speaker(s) for the event. Meeting planners have expressed the need for speakers that are content rich, entertaining, motivational and easy to work with.


Richard is constantly attending educational conferences, taking classes, researching and updating his topics with proven strategies that can easily be implemented at work or at home. Regardless of which topic you choose, Richard gives textbook and practical tools and examples that people can use and implement on a daily basis. At his workshops his handouts offer up easy life changing techniques one can refer back to following the meeting or conference. Richard is happy to consult with the meeting planner and is willing to talk to several members of the organization to customize portions of the presentation to fit within the guidelines of the events goals and objectives.


Richard is a funny, entertaining high-energy speaker who delivers a powerful message through numerous humorous short stories, ventriloquism and hilarious anecdotes. In fact on almost every evaluation people write how much they've laughed and learned from the presentation. One client told us his boss never even cracks a smile. "But today he was smiling and laughing.' Another wrote that Richard's out of the ordinary presentation style is dynamic, very personable and thought provoking. Many others have said that the humor, ventriloquism and outrageous audience interaction made learning fun.


Richard's valuable life changing messages are designed to get people to act or think differently. On our evaluation sheet we ask audience members the greatest single benefit they derived from Richard's presentation, 10 out of 10 audience members write statements like these taken from actual evaluations: "He made me feel dam good about me and the things around me." " I'm fired up about being positive." " He shared thought provoking, real life lessons." "I now choose to get over my fears." "It is ok to laugh at myself." "I will love and accept myself for who I am." "I will no longer surround myself with negative energy." "It's alright to be me." "I will believe in myself and change my attitude!" "I will now remember what is important in my life."

Easy To Work With

For over thirty years Richard has owned an entertainment and events company and has worked with national musical act and local entertainers. He knows first hand how hard it can be to plan a major event. So, Richard's number one goal is work with the meeting planner and conference staff prior to the event to make sure everything goes smoothly.

Promotional Pictures

Here you will find pictures you can use for printing and publicity purposes. Should you require further images please contact us.


Richard's fees vary slightly according to geographic location. Please contact us at 800-579-8051 or E-mail at for Richard's fee schedule in your area.


Richard's keynote presentations can be tailored to your conference theme and event schedule. Typically Richard's speech is sixty minutes and if time is available he can run to seventy-five minutes. The training sessions or workshops are set for three hours including time for question and answers.

In addition to the stage speech presentation Richard would be happy to help MC or help with raffles or drawings following his keynote speech. He would also be available for pictures or meet and great prior to or following the presentation.

Travel Requirements

Richard's headquarters is in southeastern Michigan, near Detroit. Clients typically have him departing from Detroit Metro Airport but some clients have had Richard fly from Bishop International Airport in Flint, Michigan. In some cases when he is in route or touring you may need to set up flights or travel arrangements from those specific locations. You can also share flight fees with other clients when touring in your area to safe money.

Air travel: Business is always welcome but Coach is fine

Lodging Requirements: Usually one overnight stay is required unless booked for multiple dates. (non-smoking room please)

Meal requirements: Richard would be happy to partake in any meals or social events.

For further information please contact Leesa by emailing .

Technical Support

Richard is a high-energy speaker and usually stands at the forefront of the stage facing the audience directly and sometimes he is out in the audience.

He requires:

  • 15x15 or greater stage area, small 6' table to hide props and information he is sharing.
  • 8' table at the back of the room and at least two people to help with product sales.
  • wireless handheld microphone with a microphone stand or wireless headset microphone and a small mixing unit for music and special effects.
  • professional sound system is requested so that audience members can hear and enjoy the program. (Sound technician would be great but not required).
  • Laptop computer, wireless clicker, projector, and screen.

Richard will Email you any handout materials you are print up and distribute prior to his presentation.

Video Photography

Video Photography must be approved by Richard's office in advance, please Email Leesa at . You are welcome to take as many still pictures as you wish but Richard would ask that you Email the highlights of both the audience and his speech following the engagement at

Back of the Room Sales

Richard requires one eight foot table to have available to sell his books, CD's and other anger management, stress relieving items. Clients are welcome to contact Richard to purchase a large quantity of CD's or books at a substantial discount.

Richard would need the assistance of at least two individuals to run the produces table, taking money and giving change. He will supply a price sheet and information for credit cards and cash box.

Additional information

Richard will be happy to meet and great with you conference attendees prior to the speech presentation. If you are having a dinner or hospitality suite please let Richard know prior to the event with instructions and information pertaining to the selected event and he would be happy to attend.

Also Richard does use selected individual both on and off stage during his presentations. If there is someone you feel would not appreciate being part of the program please let us know and we will make sure Richard does not bring that person on stage or refer to that person during the keynote or training or workshop.


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